Who is in the “official delegation”?

Official delegations should consist of a total of up to four members. They must include a Minister or equivalent (delegation leader), with the remaining three places being taken by up to two union leaders and one teaching professional. The teaching professional should be a current classroom practitioner, a representative of a teacher preparation programme or a school leader. The delegation may also include two advisors– one advisor may be chosen by the Minister/delegation leader and one by the union(s).

Is the summit’s programme open to all participant delegates?

The summit’s programme includes both open and closed sessions. Both the opening and closing sessions are open to all delegates and the media. The core of the summit will include three thematic sessions which will be open to formal delegations only.

What funding is provided for visiting delegations?

The Spanish Government will cover accommodation and breakfast for up to three nights (10-12 May 2022) for the official delegation of four delegates. Participants can anticipate and/or prolong their stay at their own expenses.

Will interpreters be available?

The summit will be held in English only. However, if countries wish to bring their own interpreters, they must contact the organizers at istp2022@educacion.gob.es to arrange a seat next to his/her representative. Please note, this must be arranged by 21 March 2022.

Do I need a visa when traveling to Spain?

EU-nationals do not require a visa to enter Spain. Please see here for more information (Travelling to Spain).

Are transfers to and from the hotel arranged?

Please note that transfer from airport to the hotel is not arranged by the organizers. Find more information on Section Useful Information

Transfers between the hotels and the summit venue are provided by the organizers.

Travelling to Spain: COVID-19 information

Please check the webpage of the Spanish Ministry of Health for restrictions related to COVID-19 here.